Mentor Innovation Award Winner 2008, Vilnius Police Club

Mentor Reaches Globally

Through On-line Initiatives

Mentor offers its audience on-line resources.

To reach an international community with support and the message of prevention, Mentor offers not only its website but also specific content to address a diverse audience. The Prevention Smart Parents initiative is an online program for parents who wish to access advice on how to communicate with their children on drug related issues. Mentor also offers an online tool for professionals which includes resources on drugs and adolescent brain development and the implications for prevention.

By Collaborating with Governments

Mentor supports government policy-making and project development in the UK and Europe and facilitates regional collaboration in Arabia.

Mentor supports governments in developing drug policy and government-funded initiatives. Two examples include the national Drug Education Forum in England, hosted and managed by Mentor, and the work to provide resources and support for grandparents and caregivers who look after children in families where there is drug abuse. This model has been extended across multiple countries with initiatives such as REBOUND, the school project lead by Mentor Germany and the Kinship Carers project led by Mentor UK receiving European funding. Mentor Arabia supports the coordination of information, training and policy development for drug abuse prevention in 22 Arab League countries.

With Mentor International Prevention Awards

The Mentor International Prevention Awards identifies effective practices in prevention.

With these awards, Mentor continuously identifies and highlights outstanding prevention initiatives from organizations around the world, culminating in a biannual event to celebrate achievements and innovation in prevention. The winners receive a cash prize to develop their work and further technical support from Mentor. The outcome and subsequent developments from prize winners in Uganda for their Peer to Peer Prevention Project, the Vilnius Police Club in Lithuania, Colombianitos in Colombia, the school and community project of Greek NGO KETHEA and the Addictus SMART Youth project in the Philippines are examples of how Mentor has stimulated growth, support and achievement in prevention.