Mentor Innovation Award Winner 2010, Music Therapy Community Clinic

Mentor's Mission, Commitment and Values

Mentor's Vision

Our Vision is a world where children and young people are empowered to make healthy decisions and avoid drug use.

Mentor's Mission

To prevent drug use and substance abuse through the promotion of health and well-being in children and young people.

As the leading international NGO voice of drug prevention, we work with our partners to reach out to children and young people.

We apply and share our knowledge internationally so that the benefits of effective drug prevention policy and practice become visible worldwide.

Through our national organizations and network of partners we undertake and deliver effective prevention programs.

Mentor’s Values:

  • Care & Prevent
    We believe that there is a fundamental need to invest in preventing
    drug use and making substance abuse less likely. Prevention begins
    with the healthy development of the child in a nurturing family
    and supportive community that offers both protection from risk and
    opportunities for young people to achieve their fullest potential.
  • Inspire & Encourage
    We believe that young people are able to make sensible, healthy
    decisions and can take responsibility for their actions. We support
    activities that encourage collaboration with community members and
    involve young people in planning, delivering and/or evaluating these
  • Strengthen & Empower
    We believe in providing young people with knowledge and
    opportunities that will support and enable them to make informed
    decisions and to avoid drug abuse.
  • Partnerships & Collaboration
    We believe that through actions and collaboration at various levels:
    global, national, community and individual we can reach our vision.

Mentor's Commitment

Mentor is committed to providing and encouraging the development of best practices and effective policies in drug use and substance abuse prevention and the promotion of health and well-being for all young people. Mentor's work has been recognized by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the World Health Organization, the Organization of American States and the Council of Europe.