Mentor UK

Mentor UK is working to help children and young people make the most of their lives. By giving them the skills and knowledge to assess risks, we help them to build resilience to complex social pressures around alcohol and drugs.

We have offices in London and Edinburgh and work across England and Scotland with children and young people, families, local groups and schools, youth workers, GPs, police, specialist agencies and national organisations. We meet regularly with policy makers to help them make the best decisions to protect children in the UK from alcohol and drugs.

What Makes Us Different?

Many national agencies and local groups do great work with young people around alcohol and drugs. What makes us different?
  • Our focus on prevention – the UK’s problems with alcohol and drugs run deep. Prevention and early intervention are the only ways to help the next generation from following the trend.
  • Work built on scientific evidence of what works— not just what ‘feels right’.
  • Involving young people and service users at every stage, from research and planning through to delivery— there’s no room for tokenism.
  • Evaluating everything we do. If it works, why does it work and can we do it better? If it doesn’t, can it be fixed or should it be scrapped?
  • Sustainable programmes, designed to continue after we step back.
We hope you enjoy reading about our work! Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Contact Information

Mentor Foundation UK
1st floor
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Tel: +44 20 7553 9920
Email: admin [at] mentoruk [dot] org
Twitter: @mentortweets