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EU Kinship Carers Project Needs Assessment Report

Understanding the needs of kinship carers and the children they care for is a critical part of the EU Kinship Carers Project.

The report provides an overview of the needs of this group based on interviews with over 180 carers in 7 European countries. It draws conclusions that will be used by partners on the project to develop resources which are intended to protect children and young people in these placements from the harms that drugs may cause.

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Mentor UK Alcohol Misuse Prevention Awards (now known as Mentor UK CHAMP Awards) - Evaluation Report (1st wave)

Madill Parker Research and Consulting Ltd., June 2008
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Mentor UK Youth Involvement Project

Final project report and recommendations from the Mentor UK Youth Involvement Project, supported by the Rank Foundation and the Clore Duffield Foundation.

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The young people also recently had input into the development of the new government drug strategy. A report of the feedback they gave is available to download.

Mentor UK Grandparents Project Reports

The Mentor UK Grandparents Project was developed in collaboration with Adfam and Grandparents Plus and with grandparents themselves who are caring full-time for their grandchildren. The project, which was funded by the Department of Health, began in September 2004 and concluded in April 2007.

Project Report - Executive Summary May 2007
Project Report May 2007
Project Report Appendices May 2007
Mapping Exercise Report April 2006

Mind the Gap

Having worked closely with grandparents around England, Mentor UK has produced the Mind the Gap resources for grandparents who are bringing up grandchildren and professionals who work with these grandparents. A leaflet for grandparents is available to download.

Mentor UK held a series of dissemination events to launch these resources, a report of which is also available to download

Costal and Ex-Mining Areas preoject report

The report on the findings of the Mentor UK CEMA project describes how already proven drug prevention approaches work in coastal and ex-mining communities.

Among the recommendations Mentor UK call on Drug Action Teams in these areas to:
• regularly undertake an audit of local community organisations and create work-plans to engage and involve them in drug prevention; and
• establish work-plans to engage and involve young people in drug prevention. Download the report.

Drug Prevention in Colleges and Universities

Mentor UK has carried out a literature review of drug education and prevention in colleges and universities.

We have found that relatively little is known about the harm that alcohol and/or drugs cause among students in the UK or about the effectiveness of universities and colleges' efforts to prevent substance misuse and related harm.

The paper concludes that more effort is needed to build the evidence base of drug prevention, increase the profile of drug prevention in further and higher education and support further education colleges and universities to deliver effective interventions. Download the report.
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Drug Prevention in Colleges and Universities
A Review of the Literature. Apostolos Polymerou, March 2007. PDF, 207kB
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Mentor UK publishes reviews of the effects of drug misuse on vulnerable young people
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Drug Prevention for Young Asylum Seekers and Refugees
A Review of Current Knowledge. Mary McCormack and Rowan Walker, December 2005 PDF, 130kB
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Coastal and Ex-Mining Areas Project
A Review of the Literature. Dr. Simon Parker Senior Lecturer, Department of Politics, University of York, December 2005 PDF, 610kB
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Grandparents in Custodial Care of their Grandchildren
A Literature Review. Beatriz Carlini, PhD, MPH, December 2005 PDF, 100kB
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